The attractive green hills, the beautiful flora and fauna and sophisticated view of Shivalik ranges and the Doon Valley; tugs thousands of tourists to Mussoorie every year. The hill station relishes a great pleasure and delight because of its amazing vistas and gorgeous aura.

If you begin to look for 5 Exotic Destinations in Mussoorie, you are easily going to get them. Of course, just book rooms in the Best resorts in Mussoorie and get started with your touring in this hill station. For your excitement, below are five of the most exotic spots of Mussoorie.

  1. Bhatta Falls

Bhatta Falls is a place that is situated seven kilometres from this majestic hill station. The place is a picturesque space, distinct from Pressure and stress of commercialization. The entire place has turned out as a beautiful and uplifting spot. Families, friends and couples visit here to enjoy some quality moments. The sites and natural charm here fill the people with utmost pleasure.

  1. Kempty Falls:

Kempty Falls is endowed with regal mountain ranges and is one of the most happening tourist attractions in Mussoorie.  Theplace is at an altitude of 1,364 m and enables the tourists to enjoy the beautiful views of hill station and unbelievable natural splendours that remain all around. The entire aura here is hypnotic and fresh. You can feel revitalized the moment you step in this beautiful area.

  1. Mossy fall

Talking about this Mossy Falls, it is horse tail waterfall in the area of Randolph. The Falls have fetched its name from mossy growth encompassing it in luxurious green shades.  The spot is at a distance of nearly seven kilometres from Mussoorie. Mossy Fallsis comparatively tinier yet inspiring fall is a spectacular tourist spot enclosed by a dense forest that is appropriately approachable.  The place is an enthralling place for outing and picnic. You will definitely feel fresh and cheery at this exotic spot. Even the setting is absolutely comforting.

  1. Gun hill

Gun Hill is the second topmost peak of this hill station and it is one of the most famous places of Mussoorie. Gun Hill caters a charming spectrum of a few of the highest Himalayan ranges known as Bunderpunch, Gangotri, Srikantha and Pithwara group coupled with the picturesque view of Mussoorie and amazing Doon Valley. One of the most fascinating features of this spot is a four hundred m thrilling Ropeway ride to land from this enchanting spot. You will defiantly find the surroundings exotic.

  1. Laltibba

LalTibba is the top peak point in Mussoorie. It is known among backpackers for having long trails of chief mountain peaks coupled with romantic sunset and uplifting sunrise. LalTibba is situated at Depot Hill in Landour. At this place, tourists can take a close look at royal peaks like Bander punch, Kedarnath and Badrinath along with other ones through the telescope that was installed here long back in 1967. The exotic views will definitely take you in a beautiful realm.

So, when are you going to experience thrill and pleasure of this hill station? The exoticness of these spots will definitely fill you with utmost pleasure and rejuvenation.

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