Life is like a continuous journey where you meet different people. Some become your closest ones, some are like acquaintances and some are you dear friends. The best way to explain life’s journey is to compare it with a train trip. In a distant train journey you get the opportunity to meet new people may be for a brief period that get down from the train after travelling with you for some time. Some stay throughout the journey.

Life is such if you see very closely. Thus every train journey is a memorable experience for everyone. The opportunity to get wonderful outside views from the window seat, meet new people, chatting over different topics, the list goes on if you try to find out the beauty of a train journey. The joy of eating food together with your friends and family, be it homemade food or from pantry car, it feels great eating food on train.

One memorable train journey I remember well that I want to share and that too is related to food. It was a wintry morning when with my family I was going to a trip to Delhi, Agra from Kolkata. We reached the platform on time together with our luggage. We were well equipped with wintry wears to beat the cold here and in Delhi. The train came into the platform on time. Surprisingly, compared to these days the trains used follow the time schedule well.  And guess what, I got one window seat in our berth. The train slowly started moving on time and I was enjoying the view outside. After quite a while we started having our breakfast.

The family with whom we shared the berth were from Delhi. They came to Kolkata to visit their relative’s house. We were having a nice time together from sharing food to their stories on how the life in Delhi and how much they liked Kolkata.After some time, we had reached a station where the train had stopped for quite a while. Then we decided to get down from the train and have some tea and snacks from the local station. I cannot remember properly which station it was but it was looking gorgeous in the sunny wintry morning. We were chatting and having our tea and snacks there.

 Suddenly before we could finish our tea we saw our train was slowly started moving. Before we could gather ourselves from what was happening we started running towards train leaving our tea and snacks. We were four people outside the train and our Delhites friends were still in the train. They saw we were running towards our berth rapidly. Then they came towards the door of the train to catch ourselves from the platform. One by one we hold their hand and got up in train and panting relentlessly.

When I remember this memory I still get a chill going down my spine. But like every incident in life has a positive side of it. Later, I understood that those people from Delhi on that day were like good Samaritans who came forward and lend their hand for help. There is still good and positivity out there in the world and we should never lose our hope.

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