What is a circuit diagram?

A circuit diagram is a diagram consisting of either basic images or industry-standard symbols that display of electrical circuit. The usage of symbols depends on the audience viewing the circuit diagram.

There are two types of circuit diagrams:

  • Pictorial circuit diagram
  • Schematic circuit diagram

Pictorial circuit diagram: This style of the circuit diagram is mainly used for an audience which consists of lesser technical people. This diagram is done with the help of basic images.

Schematic circuit diagram: This style of the circuit diagram uses industry-standard symbols representing an electrical circuit which is used by the electrician.

What are circuit diagram symbols?

There are more than hundreds of symbols that are used in the circuit diagram. There is pictorial representation for battery, resistor, diode, etc. capacitors and inductors are used in industrial symbols.

Below is the table with the colour code of the capacitor:


Colour 1st digit 2nd digit Multiplier Temperature coefficient
Black 0 0 1 0
Brown 1 1 10 -30
Red 2 2 100 -80
Orange 3 3 1000 -150
Yellow 4 4 10000 -220
Green 5 5 100000 -330
Blue 6 6 1000000 -470
Violet 7 7 10000000 -750
Grey 8 8 .01 +30
White 9 9 .1 +120 to -750
Gold Bypass
Silver +100


How is circuit diagram created?

The circuit diagram is created either manually or with the help of software. Creating a circuit diagram with the help of software has the following advantages:

  • Editing the diagram will be easy.
  • The placement of the objects would be precise.
  • Sharing these diagrams through emails would be easy.
  • More symbols can be accessed.
  • The time spent on the creation of the diagram is less.
  • Simple as well as complex constructions can be done.

Frequently used terms in circuit diagrams

Following are the terms that are frequently used in the circuit diagram:

  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Resistance
  • Direct current (DC)
  • Alternating current (AC)


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