To protect the people of the country is the moral duty of every government. Any government of a country is the reflection of its people, the reason behind choosing a government is to protect themselves, provide them food and shelter, provide a better environment to live, take care of their health and to create more civilization so that everyone can live and speak freely in the country.

Despite all the above-mentioned facts, it is very important that government should take a close look at the health perspective of its citizen and especially at the tourist. This means that government should organize such a health system that everybody should get equal health treatment at the time of emergency situations.

Such example can be seen in the European part of the world where European health insurance card is mandatory to carry before entering to any part of it. Europe is basically famous for tourist purpose and called as part of Schengen; in this category 26 countries come under where tourists need a visa to travel to all 26 countries. European government is very strict towards the health care of its citizen and tourists.

The officials are concerned about people health because they understand that due to the popularity of Europe and being a tourist hub of the world, people from numerous countries and from a different part of Europe itself love to visit and explore the beauty of it. They are aware of the fact that due to a sudden change in weather, people may be affected because of it and that is the reason they ask people to get European health insurance card prior to their trip.

Another purpose of European government to ask people to get insurance health card is that they want to boost up the revenue of the nation. They understand that people are not going to stop visiting Europe because of its natural sight scenes. As per the recent survey, every year millions of people love to visit Europe and it also came out in the survey that it’s the dream of every person to visit Europe as a tourist once in their life.

So from this, we can estimate that how European government can escape this chance to not implement health insurance as it is the major source of their income. Another important reason to implement insurance card is that European government is accountable to WHO (World Health Organisation), as per the international law, every government is obliged to WHO and in this category European government also exist.

As implementing the health insurance card European government wants to show the good impression in front of WHO and also purposely it gets a specific budget from WHO as a form of looking after its people.

Despite the above-mentioned reasons for implementation of health card and government benefits out of it, the brighter side is that whether it is local or tourists they all are getting the mutual benefit of such policies. Such are the good reasons why people love to travel to European countries as compared to others.

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