Traveling is safe if you pick the right modes.  If you are taking a cab or taxi for a long route travel and the journey would encompass night time too; it can be little risky for you. The environment these days isn’t really favourable. If you are traveling with your family that too at night time, it would be good if you take a public transportation. Yes, public transportation is much safer than the private cab or personal car these days.

You can go for trains. Yes, if you cannot afford the high rates of planes, trains are the best. If you are thinking about bus, it might not be a convenient mean for a long trip. If you have to go to Jaipur in coming future, it would be good if you opt for Delhi to Jaipur trains. Yes, there are different trains that go from Delhi to Jaipur. You can easily get your tickets booked in one that is suitable to you.

Both the capitals are well-connected by train. There are a number of trains that run daily from Delhi to Jaipur. The good news is that you can pick a train as per your budget. The ticket price varies from Rs.150 to Rs.3000. If you want to travel in an ordinary one, you can spend less, and for the luxurious coach, you might have to spend a little more. It is absolutely as per your convenience. The good part is that you reach Jaipur fresh and in high spirits. You can easily and comfortably sit on your seat and have a good time.

Actually both these cities are situated at a distance of around 303kms. To travel from one place to the other is convenient because of the efficient rail linking. On the daily basis, there are six trains run between New Delhi and Jaipur. On a weekly basis, the number shoots up to twenty three. The first train that departs from New Delhi and takes you to Jaipur is named 19610 Haridwar Junction Ajmer Junction Express. The train departs from New Delhi at 00:57 AM, and it reaches Jaipur at 07:00 AM. Talking about the last train that leaves New Delhi for Jaipur is called 12463 Rajsthn S Krant. The train leaves at 22:25 PM and reaches destination at 03:05 AM.

It might be helpful for you to know that the 12958 Ahmedabad Junction JsRajdhani is the fastest train that takes the passengers from New Delhi to Jaipur. It takes just 3h 51m and departs from New Delhi at 20:29. The maximum time of 6h 45m is taken by the train named Haridwar Junction Ahmedabad Junction Mail 19106. It leaves from New Delhi at 21:25.Out of all the trains that shuttle between New Delhi and Jaipur; there are eleven trains that originate from New Delhi whereas the restpass from New Delhi.

Thus, there is no as such issue with trains when it comes to traveling from Delhi to Jaipur. You can easily go to Jaipur without any hassle, trouble or waiting. The timings of the trains are convenient and they aren’t late in general.

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