To get the pure water for drinking, just the installation of RO is not enough. One need to take several steps to ensure that RO is working properly or not. Because every time you cannot get a new RO installed at your house. So, a timely check of RO Purifier is important to know if all its functions are working fine or not.

There are some troubleshooting steps you may require for keeping your RO in good condition. Some of the issues are easy to resolve from your end only, while some require the help of RO Customer Service. Now, let’s know about all these different ways of troubleshooting the RO Purifier.

  • If filters are clogged –Filters will get clog as dirt will get collected around it as it filters the water. So, to make sure that you get the clean RO Water continuously, just keep some extra RO filters handy with you. When you notice that water is coming slowly or when the time comes to replace the filter, you can do it yourself.
  • Water flow pressure –If the water is not coming properly which means either it is flowing continuously or it is coming very slowly, in both the cases, you need to check the water pressure. Make sure that the pressure of water is neither too high nor too low. You can look into the manual also to know what the exact water pressure should be.
  • Faulty fittings –You need to get your RO repair if you have faulty fittings. Because the faulty fittings will soon damage the RO Purifier. Also, it may stop giving the clean purified water. During the installation only, you can check whether they are providing you right RO equipment or not. Also, in the manual, you can read about the fittings and where it needed to be placed.
  • Leaky Fittings –Many times it happens that your RO may start leaking. So, firstly know from where the leakage is happening and the reason behind it. Then if you can see any nozzle or any tube which you can tighten to prevent the leakage, do that. But this might be just a temporary solution. Observe a few days, if it is working fine then good, else call the RO Technician to fix the RO leakage problem.
  • Drain the unused water –If you have not used your RO from past many days then, the unused water in it is not good for drinking. As by now, the water would have got the foul smell. Because the quality of the water starts degrading when it is kept for a long period of time in the RO Tank. You may also feel that the taste of the water is different. So, in that case, it is better to drain the water and refill your RO Tank.
  • Replacing membranes –Just like the filters, even the membranes also need the replacement. To make sure that your RO works properly, you will have to replace the membranes also after a particular interval of time. If you are unable to do it, then call RO Repair Service to help you fix it.


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