Welcoming New Year in style with your friends and family is a must need. So what you need to do is arrange a lovely party for them and enjoy to the fullest as you say goodbye to the last day of the year. As this party is going to continue till late night or even till early morning, it is a good idea to start the party a little late. May be it is a good idea to start it around 10.30 PM so that people can have the energy to hold it back till late night.

It is a New Year Party, and so when the clock strikes 12 AM, one needs to cheer together and raise a toast. For that one needs a cheering drink. If you are the host, you have to arrange for it. One can arrange for some cocktails and liquor so that your guests can choose from their preferred drinks. But if kids are there in the party, and if there are some who are teetotallers, then you have to keep some juice and mock tail options.

Here are some easy drink variations (non-alcoholic) to keep in mind if you need them.

Rainbow Layered Yoghurt Drink

This is an instant hit among the kids. One needs to mix seasonal fruits and yogurt to make this colourful drinks and it can easily attract children.

Fresh Mint and Lemon Mojito

This fizzy drink is a saviour in every manner. For non-alcoholic people, this can be a perfect evening drink. For alcoholic people, this drink can be a saviour if they have become pretty high and need to come down a little bit. This can work like magic when you are in a hangover. This drink has a lot of mint and lemon juices which refreshes one from inside.

Lemon Coriander Soup

Winter is in full swing in December. So starting with a soup is a lovely idea. Though there are plenty of versions available, the lemon and coriander one can be your pick for the evening. This will be light for the stomach and good to start the party.

Homemade CanapéPapdiChaat

You definitely need something to serve your guests with the drink. Homemade PaapdiChaat can be a nice and tasty option. Add some chaat masala to make it even better.

Tandoori Platter

This you can serve your guests and they will love it. You can add chicken kebabs, pannertandooris, mushroom bites and fish tandooris in the platter. Arrange them with some seasonal fruit slices and t will look great on the plate.

PalakPaneer Pinwheels

If your guests are fond of vegetarian food items then this can be a good choice. This is a fusion recipe which will surely attract your guests.

Veg Lasagne

Another one for your veg food loving guests! Serve them with some fresh grated cheese and they will love it.

HyderabadiMurgh Dum Biryani

This can be a brilliant option when it comes to main dishes in dinner. It has authentic flavours and winter night can be great with this.

One can also go for veg pulao in Tamil for a main dish option.


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