By the time, surgery becomes the only viable option for a surgery; your doctor would have tried a number of treatments to ease your back pain. Though there is no sure shot formula with regards to the success of the spine Tumor Removal surgery in India, there are numerous options. You should learn about this surgery well before time. The more you are informed, better the chances of taking a well informed decision.


Often the main result is more than a drop in pain. You are likely to face

  • You are able to move in a better way
  • The physical pain is reduced and improvement in mood levels
  • You can return back to work which suddenly becomes productive
  • No longer the need arises to take any form of pain medicine

Most people who have had this form of surgery did not have any major complications. But in some cases the following symptoms may be encountered

  • Infection or bleeding
  • Heart attack or stroke

The chances of something going wrong is all the more so if you have some complex health conditions. This could vary according to the type of surgery as well. The role of a surgeon would involve identifying some potential problems. So it is better that you discuss things before you surgeon before you go ahead.

The pros and cons of the surgery

Each type of surgery does have its own pros along with cons

  • Spinal fusion- One of the common types of surgeries for back pain. The doctor will join vertebrae that are the spinal bones together. It is not going to have any impact on your activity. It is pretty rare as the bones are not going to fuse completely. Smoking is going to lead to this and in that case you may need another type of surgery.
  • Laminectomy- during this course of surgery the surgeon removes the bones or the ligaments from your back. It can provide complete relief from the spinal nerves and reduce weakness or pain. In fact your spine tends to become less stable at the same time. If this occurs then the only option would be a spinal fusion. Doctors are known to perform both the procedures together.
  • Disk replacement- Here the surgeon is known to remove and replace the damaged one. An artificial one is inserted in your vertebrae. It is in complete contrast to a fusion that allows you to move your spine. The best part is that the recovery time is also shorter. But the chances are that the disk could slip or fall down. In that case you may need another form of implant

Tumor on spine surgery cost in India is on the lesser side in comparison to the advanced countries. In addition to this most of the hospitals have world class infrastructure where the best course of treatment is offered. A lot of medical tourism companies have emerged that provide you with valuable inputs on the same. Coupled with the fact there are no waiting lists in the hospitals as well.

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