Gurgaon is a beautiful place to live; the heat can be downright uncomfortable. A half-hour in a car or outside can cause sticky clothes and the need to stock up on water bottles. But once you are inside your home there is nothing more satisfying then opening the switch of the AC and get embraced by that cool indoor air.

Sometimes our AC unit needs some help. They work hard to keep up happy, but that hard work can wear them down. If you notice that the AC is not blowing the cold air no matter how much you mess around with the thermostat, there is no need to panic. Here are the common five reasons why this could be occurring and what can you do to quickly remedy the problem.

  1. Dirty air filters

When the air filter gets too dirty, the airflow in your home gets restricted. If this occurs you may not feel any air come through the vents if your AC unit is on. Fortunately, if a dirty air filter is a culprit, the solution is simply to call the professionals from the split ac service in Gurgaon and get your air filter changed. However before you install a new filter, be sure to inspect the current one inside the AC unit. Take it out and hold it up in the natural sunlight. If light cannot pass through both the sides, it’s obviously too dirty and surely needs to be replaced.

  1. Wrong thermostat setting

Before throwing your hands in the air and panicking when ac is not blowing cold air into the room, take a break. The problem could be as simple as not having the thermostat in the right setting. More specifically the thermostat may be set to “on’ instead of the “auto”. When this happens your AC unit may not always blow out cold air, rather it might feel slightly warm.

  1. Clogged outside unit

The outside unit that is the condenser is one important part of your ac system, as it is designed to dissipate heat that’s extracted from inside the home via the evaporator. When these outside units get dirty, however, cool air has a hard time making its way back inside. For this reason, you need to make it a priority to check the outside unit on the regular basis for dirt, debris, and leaves. If any of these are present, you need to remove them from your AC unit and call for AC repair in Gurgaon. It helps to use a portable air compressor for this step, as it sprays out pressurized air that can effectively remove whatever has buildup on the outside unit over time.

  1. Low refrigerant level

One of the reasons for your AC is not blowing cold air; it may be because your unit is low on refrigerant. You will know if your refrigerant is low when warm air blows through your vents or when your energy bill is higher than they should be for a particular month. For more information, visit

If you are facing any other problem and feel that there is some difficulty and doing the right thing, it’s time to call the reliable AC repair company. They will be able to inspect the unit and get you back to comfort, quickly.

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