Black Magick Love Spells

There are different elements of love spells which can factor into this and without having any understanding of the complexity of the situation we cannot guarantee how successful it will be, but we can offer some suggestions.  There are situations where the other individual just does not love you. In this situation the only spell that would work is a Black Magick Love spell.  This is where you basically force them to love you and be with you.  This is essentially mind rape and you are going against the will of the individual.  This route is a hard one because you have to always be on top of things and continually add energy to this work, as the will of the individual will always be working against you to break this spell and get away.  This is a false love and if they want to break away, you will always be working to keep their energies under control and connected to you.  Due to free will, we cannot make people fall in love with us without influencing their mind and this will take consistent energy to hold them there.

Obsessive Love Spells

With love spells, there is also obsession to worry about as well.  If you cast the spell on someone who did not love you but ends up falling in love with you, they can become obsessed with you.  This is where the individual does not and will not leave you alone. Love spells casting for if you are not attracted to anyone for fall in love. You have back up in love. If you are lost your love and get back cast love spells. This can be very problematic as there have been cases where people have attacked others for love and it usually ends up being very destructive.  Love spells can be very dangerous and it is very unpredictable magick to command.  When a person ends up becoming obsessive, banishing them can be challenging and they can and at times will come back to you.  You have to make sure that you sever all the connections and remove any trace of them energetically.

Influential Love Spells

These spells are not that harmful.  They are fun and playful and often what one thinks of when they are referring to love spells.  This is where you are casting spells of charm and seduction, working to persuade the individual.  Love spells Caster Mahiyaab Casting Love Spells for success in love marriage & love relationship. Cast Love Spells by Mahiyaab and gets back your love. Contact to Mahiyaab in India for Powerful love spells or email us at In these cases, they are already open and engaging and these spells just give them that little push.  Persuasion love spells enhance your energies and increase your seductive abilities. They make men and women who are open to exchanges, drawn to you.  You are magnetic, you are captivating and you pull them into your world.  What happens after is up to you and them, but these spells can be a lot of fun.  Magnetism, Seduction, Charm, they are all powerful skills that most who work with magick will learn on their journey.  When you can influence those around you, you can get them to follow you, you can persuade them.  These are techniques humans use all the time. Salespeople are often very charming and magnetic.  These are just enhancements to natural skills that humans have been using and taken advantage of for years.

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