Forging a career in private equity industry is no child’s play. Simply because Private Equity Firms don’t invite applications from college grads unless of course they have interned with a private equity firms and have the learned the ropes well. In addition, to the skill set you also need private equity certifications that will help in validating your skills, along with helping you stay ahead in your career.

So where do you start looking for jobs in private equity firms. You fulfill the necessary skillset then you can apply directly to private equity firms. But what are the top private equity firms in the US and how do you recognize them. Read on.

Top Private Equity Firms in the US

So if you are planning a career in private equity industry, here are some of the top Private Equity Firms in the US you may like to follow-

  1. TPG Capital,
  2. Warbug Pincus
  3. Carlyle Group
  4. Kohlberg Kravis Roberts
  5. Blackstone Group
  6. Apollo Management

While these are some of the top private equity firms in the US, do remember Private Equity firms are generally in the range of small sized firms to mid-sized firms. Hence the competition to enter private equity firm is quite severe. In addition, you need to have certain skill set to even enter in the private equity firm let alone have a career.

What Are The Skills And Qualifications Needed To Become A Private Equity Professional?

If you want to have a career in Private Equity Industry, you should be a graduate either in finance, accounting, statistics, mathematics or even economics from reputed college or institute. Since the hiring protocol of Private Equity is quite different as compared to other careers – it will really well if you have done your internships in private equity firms and learned the ropes of trade quite well or even for a beginner’s level. Another best thing to do if you want to become a private Equity Professional is to start your career as an investment banking analyst, as that will prepare you better for a career in private equity industry.

How Will Private Equity Certificate Help You In Your Career?

Certifications add credibility to your skills and validate your qualifications. However, if you are going for certifications in Private Equity then opt for some renowned institutes that offer industry recognized private equity certifications that you can showcase on your resume as well.

This apart, certifications also help you proof guard your career from these three career spoilers

  1. Certifications protect you during layoffs
  2. Certifications stay safe during recession
  3. Certifications ensure that you never miss a promotion

However, as discussed earlier, while getting a certification in private equity is essential it is at the same time necessary to get it from a reputed certification institutes. Some of the Private Equity certifications you can go for include Wallstreet Oasis, Coursera and of course United States Private Equity Council.

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