This is a site which you can use to present your skills amongst the group of other artists and professors, guide them and also learn from them. Thus, you can be a part of an art community and get facilitated with various other features it serves.

Advantages and possibilities for artists

  • A Showcase for your art pieces

This site also provides a platform over which you can showcase your art works and other skills. In order to do that, you have to register yourself. When you register to this site this will provide you to get a registered online art gallery where you can store your pieces. When you once make your art gallery you can access various other facilities as like you can make events of exhibition to showcase your art works. Also, you can allow people who want your art and admire your work to but your pieces. Well, this buying facilitation lets you earn in return to your good work. So, if someone has talent in this field and want to develop a source of earning through this platform can be most appropriate.

  • You can earn too

There is a section of art for sale, where you are allowed to place your order to get desirable painting or any other piece of work. There are various other things which you can buy on this platform. As like work based on architecture, arts and crafts, engraving, illustration, installation of painting, photos, paintings, miniatures, graphics, fresco, icon painting, etc.

Want to buy an art piece for your house or office?                               

While you have to place your order to buy art you need to provide the details listed below:


You have to select what kind of art piece you want. There are various subjects including animalism, battle scene, fantasy, landscape, marina, literary scene, architecture, genre scene, interior, historical scene, etc.

Style of art:

This will let you select the type of abstract you want. Names of few style arts are abstract expressionism, acrylic, batik, celtica, avant-garde, baroque, abstractionism, and many more of same kind.


There are various kind of techniques which are used in painting whichever you feel is your favorite opt that one. Techniques include bas, batik, ceramics, bronze, beadwork, art glass, airbrushing, etc.


You will be asked to select a location from the options which are provided.


 This property will let them know about the size what you want your art piece to be of. It can be small, average, large and extra large


Let’s you decide the colors from the provided options.


There are two types of orientation landscape and portrait whichever you want your art piece to be in you can select that one.

Irrespective of which country you belong to you can get this service availed. This site serves huge number of people from all around the world. Using this site you can buy art, show your artistic skills and lean much more amongst the artists from all around the world.

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