If you work in any chemical laboratory for the whole day long then you are requested wearing glove box sleeves for protecting your hands. These sleeves are also sometimes termed as isolator sleeves. These sleeves are treated as one of the most predominant essentials of hospitals or pharmacies of the modern era.

Chemical contamination can be quite dangerous at times especially when you are working in labs with bare hands. Your skin might get adversely reacted by any chemicals. Chemical- contamination and its adverse impacts can be only prevented by using these sleeves. These sleeves are quite comfortable to wear and you shall not feel any irritation even if you wear the same for lengthy hours.

Highlighted features:

  • Glove box sleeves are very much flexible in nature and thus their sizes can be easily adjusted as per requirements. This is how customer needs can be easily fulfilled.
  • These sleeves simply give an amazing protection against chemicals. They are not penetrative at all and thus your hands will always remain protected against the harsh or dangerous effects of chemicals.
  • These sleeves are usually double-skinned and this is the reason they are getting chosen by laboratory professionals as well as pharmaceutical industries.
  • They are now available at various shapes, sizes, and diameters. If you visit the site of any manufacturer then you will definitely be able to view the same.
  • These sleeves get nicely fitted to both isolator ports and glove boxes. Therefore, you can easily store them without any inconveniences.
  • Different customised, durable and chemical resistant materials are now getting used for making these sleeves. You can now choose the best material of your choice that can satisfy your respective purpose well.
  • These sleeves are absolutely leak proof and thus you can use them for years after years.

Things to consider:

There are certain things that you need to consider especially while purchasing isolator sleeves for the very first time.

  • Since these sleeves are considered as medical equipment, therefore, you can easily avail them at any reputed medical store online. But remember if you are buying from any retail store then you might experience a higher price, therefore, it is advisable to buy the product directly from any manufacturer or any wholesaler. The supplier should be authentic enough otherwise you will not receive quality and guaranteed products at all.
  • If you are purchasing these sleeves as a part of glove box then they will cost you much lower. But if you need these sleeves in specific then you can surely go for the individual purchase of the product.
  • You should select these sleeves only if the material is durable enough. You can Google in order to find out which material for these gloves serve the best and can purchase accordingly for being at the safest end.

Bulk orders can be placed online and these orders can definitely enable you to receive a great discount on the overall purchase cost. Moreover, you can even receive card discount if you purchase glove box sleeves in bulk via your card. Make sure the gloves you are purchasing can be reused again and again. In most of the cases, a pair of sleeves is found within glove box.


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