As Gurgaon is becoming more famous for education and job related prospects, many people are now willing to get settled in the city. With increasing sale of residential houses in Gurgaon, new schools have also come up. If you are new in the south city area of Gurgaon and looking for advanced schools for your kids then list of best schools in Gurgaon is here for you.

This guide shall talk about the top schools of Gurgaon which are excellent in so many ways:

  1. Shikshantar School for juniors
  2. Medhaam
  3. Lotus valley
  4. Lotus Petal Foundation
  5. KR Mangalam world school
  6. Klay Prep school
  7. IASO Rehabilitation Research Center
  8. Gokul India Play school
  9. GEMS Modern Academy
  10. DPS International

The above schools are very much in line with the latest education trends. The educational system followed in the school is based upon international curriculum. As many aspects of these schools are focused upon, your kid can significantly improve their educational level.

An overview of the education system followed in Gurgaon schools

The schools are amazing in so many ways and you can watch out for the missions which are followed in more pragmatic way. Mission of these Gurgaon schools is based upon making the kid more independent and intelligent. More than classroom study focus remains upon making the kid more self-reliant.

In the recent times, the ranking system is also updated. Therefore, look forward for the pre-schools which themselves are so promising. The ranking system is based upon the education and focus given on the all-round development of the child.

Extracurricular activities in Gurgaon Schools 

While talking about these Gurgaon Schools, you can look forward for the summer camps which are organised here. As these summer camps are so regularly organised in the city, you can also watch out for the sports carnival and fair. Many schools in Gurgaon are also considered to be the upcoming ones and best in their own way.

Security features of Gurgaon schools

In Gurgaon, you can look for the following safety standards of these schools to ensure your kid remains free from any problem. In the class rooms, CCTV cameras are employed for monitoring the kids. Healthy meals are offered in the IB schools to ensure child gets proper nutrition. The meals are balanced ones so your child gets all the nutrition required.

On a 24×7 basis, security remains intact in the school. Medical room is there to provide the first-aid facility to the children. Transport offered to the kids is up to the mark and drivers and controllers are hired after thorough verification. These top schools in Gurgaon also have dedicated zones which are meant for promoting creativity. Your kid can explore all sorts of activities to gain skills in music, dance and drama. Young kids are also given exposure to fine and modern arts to make them excel in every area of their interest.


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