Bhopal the city of lakes, land of exciting tourist’s places has encompassed so much for your traveling delight. From refreshing natural sites to stunning spiritual spots, happy lakes to historic destinations, everything has its own brilliance. The city is the capital of Madhya Pradesh and has earned the name of ‘City of Lakes’.

When you are in Bhopal, make sure that you pay a visit to its diverse destinations. You are certainly going to love this city for its generosity and attractiveness. You can easily get rooms in 4 star hotels in Bhopal for your stay. Would you like to have a quick glance at some of its historic monuments? Walk on below:


SanchiStupa is nestled in Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh. The place is a significant historical and archaeological   site. It is only at a distance of forty six kilometres from Bhopal. The place is famously known for ancient Stupas and many other striking Buddhist structures that date back to Mauryan era between the third century BC and the twelfth century AD.  The spot also relishes a great spiritual significance for the Buddhists. They group here in large numbers from diverse corners of the globe. In the middle of these vibrant and artistic stupas, the most important one is SanchiStupa. It is the most ancient stone structure in India and was built during the time of third century BC. At this spot, everything starting from entrance to design is beautifully dipped in artistic fertility.


It has been seen that folks who visit Bhopal explore its beautiful national park, lively lakes and stunningly natural landscapes but when talking about artistic and historic monuments, they fail to explore. One such destination having historic and artistic plethora is GoharMahal. This mehal is also known as Gohar Begum. It is a massive mansion of ancient significance spotted on banks of beautiful Upper Lake. This palace is undoubtedly one of the prime example of archaeological excellence of past, built in name of Begum Qudisiya.

It won’t be wrong to say that the majestic Mahal depicts and reflects the collective harmony during diverse ages. The construction of this monument speaks of the hugely artistic mind of Begum Qudisiya and her imaginative tastes. This mehal is surely going to take you in the corridors of history and fil you with historic glee.


This masjid belongs to Mughal era. It was built by NawabShahjehan Begum. This masjid is one of the largest masjids in the whole Asia. The masjid is famous among tourists and visitors.  The masjid has open courtyard coupled with a large tank. The architecture and style of the masjid is extremely involving and classy. The Monument also works as the Islamic School and imparts education to students. The spot has historic and artistic charm and is witnessed by a huge number of tourists throughout the year.

Thus, you start looking for some good star hotels in Bhopal for your stay and the city is bound to leave you stunned. These were just a few historic monuments of this land, visit there and you can explore many more!


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