Also recognized as Stanozolol, Winstrol is an anabolic steroid which is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. This medication was produced by Winthrop Laboratories in the year 1962 and according to the FDA; it is absolutely safe to be used by humans. This anabolic steroid is generally used by the bodybuilders and the athletes in their cutting cycles. By a cutting cycle is meant a period when the steroids are used in cycles for building a physique. This medication is commonly abused in the form of one performance-improving drug which is why its use is restricted in competitive sports by numerous sports bodies.

This medication has got numerous medical purposes; it is widely used for treating anemia and hereditary angioedema and in the US, it is used for treating osteoporosis. This steroid doesn’t aromatize like other steroids which indicates that users get to suffer from fewer side effects. This quality made this steroid a popular one among the veterinarians and the physicians. Additionally, this medication has no estrogenic side effects which make it safe for people of both the sexes. Winstrol is an oral cutting steroid but it is available in an injectable form too which is commonly known as Winstrol Depot and users find a slight difference between the two forms.

Administering this medication

You can administer this medication in a couple of ways that suits your preference. When taken improperly both the versions can turn dangerous to your liver so you must follow dosing guidelines carefully. On an average, a man takes 50mg of this medication daily and women take 10mg daily. However, the precise dosages and your length of the cycle are dependent on your sex, tolerance, and goals. As this medication is hepatotoxic, so you must begin with the lowermost dosages and for the briefest possible cycle. Additionally, you must take a supplement to provide extra protection. For this purpose, Milk thistle is a perfect compound.

Liver Care is another compound which is a blend of natural constituents and it works to avert liver toxicity. Women take this compound for their bulking, cutting and performance improvement purposes and though it is viewed as a safe compound for women, yet side effects can occur when they fail to take it according to dosing guidelines. If you are suffering from any medical disorder then this medication may not be adequate for you. For this reason, you are highly required to consult a doctor prior to starting any steroid cycle.

Impacts of this medication

Winstrol is an oral cutting steroid besides an injectable one and it is taken for an improved stamina, strength and speed. This medication is also used in veterinary medication and it is used for inspiring the hunger of the weakened animals. This medication also improves the production of red blood cells, muscles and bone density of the animals. It treats anemia by increasing red blood cell count of the users. The job of the red blood cells is to keep increasing the levels of energy besides awareness and alertness. This medication is comparatively mild and can be safely taken by both men and women.


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