Wristbands can be used for various reasons some of which involve events that require serious security and entertainment intended to create fun. They can make any event stand out with a class of stylishness and glamour. Wristbands have developed from the simple bracelets to intelligent wristbands that can detect even blood pressure level in the body. Perfect choice of a wristband makes an event stylish and fun. Here are top wristbands one should know how to wear.

  1. Lanyards wristbands.

Lanyards wristbands are used for identification purposes for entry into events. Made from plastic and placed around the wrist to demonstrate the wearers authority to be at the event. They have bright colours to allow easy checking but can be customized to fit to the event colours. They are mostly non-transferable and can be worn for long periods.

  1. Holographic wristband

Holographic wristbands are suitable for parties or night events such as bars and nightclubs where there are a lot of flickering lights so that the wristbands will shine and stand out. They are usually suitable for kids as they sparkle and shine under all types of lighting. They have four different holographic styles namely rain, confetti, liquid glitter and stars and have bright shiny colours.

  1. Sweatband wristband

Sweatband wristband is suitable for use in sporting activities for wiping sweat from the forehead but has also been used for fashion purposes. It is made of a towel like terrycloth material tied onto the wrist. The wristband is available in different types of colors as the wristband colour depends on the uniform color. They are usually made for adults and are worn only during the game time.

  1. Silicone wristband

Silicone wristband are used for awareness purposes. They are worn to show support of the activities of a charitable organization such as cancer foundation, schools or clubs. Come in two different size for children and adults and are offered in different styles. They use unique coloursto distinguish them from other types of wristbands and are in five different styles namely embossed, debossed,silkscreen,silkscreen embossed and color fill debossed.

  1. Ultra Violet wristband

UV Ultra Violet wristband appear white or clear when indoors but when exposed to UV light changes colour to blue. They are worn to create awareness mostly against skin cancer to people during summer to stay indoors or wear sunscreen. They are used for awareness only but cannot protect against sunburns. Uses simple colour changing technique to spread the message but especially uses blue or purple colours to indicate exposure to UV rays. Come in sizes of both adults and children.

  1. Hospital wristbands

Hospital wristbands are used as safety device to identify patients undergoing medical treatment. They are come in a number of colours and various sizes to accommodate for all kinds of patients from newborns to adults. They can be handwritten, embossed, laser printed or thermal image with details of the patient. However, the use of embossed or handwritten is becoming obsolete as it easily gets damaged or illegible.

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