If you have created your own blog or website, and you’re thinking that visitors would find your site automatically, without you making an effort, then you’re totally wrong, my friend.

No matter how great the contents of your blog or website are, for a first time blogger, it is very much essential that the blog reaches to a large number of people. Even for an already established blogger, it is mandatory that traffic keeps increasing each day. And to make sure that people are reading your blog, you need to follow some steps.

Following are some steps which you must abide by if you want to create a successful website or blog.

  1. A Catchy Headline

A blog post only becomes fascinating in the eyes of the readers, if the title of the post is attractive and catchy. You have to understand the fact that, no viewer would read the whole article at one go. They would judge your article based on the title of the post.

Once they relate to the article, then only they would start reading the paragraphs. In fact, a not so good article with a fetching headline might become a huge hit as well. So, create the title attentively.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Today’s generation always keeps themselves hooked on social media, and if they are your target audience, then you have to be active on various social networking sites.

If your blog post is heavy on content, share it on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. If your blog post is heavy on images and visualization, then share it on Instagram or Pinterest.

If you’re more of avlogger, then sharing your content on YouTube is a must.

  1. Measure TrafficWith The Help of Analytics

There are many statistical tools out there (like Alexa) which give you a detailed idea of the performance, traffic measurement, quantity of organic searches, and the location of traffics and so on. To know more about the performance of your website and to find out ways in which you can improve, analytics tool is a must.

  1. Response to the Queries

A sign which shows that your site is working efficiently is queries or feedbacks from the viewers. This refers that more people are accessing your posts and they’re liking them. That is why they are raising queries. So, if you’re smart enough, this is your chance to get more users. Never ignore any query from any user. As a blogger, each feedback is valuable for you (unless the spams). Response to the users’ comments as soon as possible.

  1. Create a Colorful and Unique Theme

Make sure your website or blog is colorful and vibrant. A lively blog would attract more users. And don’t forget to attach relevant images and suitable captions with each post. All these make a blog post more interesting and desirable to the readers. A blog post without images is a boring one, no matter how much interesting the contents are.

I’ve mentioned only five steps in this article. But if you’re keen to know more about this topic, and also want to know more about website analytics, visit layerpoint.com today.

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