A good laundry is more than just a clothes cleaning and ironing service. On a priority are satisfied customers, service with a smile and a polite manner of speech,remembering customer’s instructions about specific stains as well as keeping a track of delivery times and a commitment to schedules. In addition a good laundry service will be delivering urgent clothes within 3-4 hours.

Various Laundry services in Adelaide are rated between 4-5 Stars according to customer surveys. Some laundries have advanced methods of tracking customer clothes, like barcodes and a few with the costly and more advanced RIFD…Radio frequency identification. Briefly, a barcode needs to be read and operated by a human with a maximum 5 yards range. In contrast, the RIFD reads a customer chip attached to the clothing with sensors not requiring human operation and can be read from a range of about 100 yards. While bar codes can read one garment at a time RIFD can decode numerous garments at the same time. While the barcode is a “read only” feature, the RIFD is a read as well as “write” with multi features that update customer information as well.

Methods used by the reputed cleaners being, removal for paint and ink stains. These are pre-soaked and done prior to the routine detergent washing. Liquid and powder laundry bluing, containing a blue die improves the look of textiles and specially gives white colored clothes a brilliant shine and glow. Over the passage of time white colored fabrics tend to yellow in color and laundry bluing counteracts that. All fabric Oxygen bleach is used in washes These are color safe and available in powder as well as liquid form., making the clothes white and bright.

The oxidizing agent Hydrogen Peroxide administers a softer action than chlorine bleach. In geographical areas where only hard water is available, detergent boosters are used. Such make the detergents more effective in hard water. These are available both in powder as well as liquid form. Heavy blemish removal like automobile oil, grease and glue spots, for such are stain removers and pre-wash soil. Enzyme presoaks are used for clearing natural food and natural substances like grass stain. Mostly natural food stains like, eggs, fruit stains, blood marks contain protein in them. The natural enzyme presoaks react with them loosening the stains grip on the fabric and when the main detergent washing is carried out, these stains are worked loose. Besides detergent boosters that increase the effectiveness of detergent boosters in hard water, Water softeners are also used. Such do not give detergents a boost but rather act with the hard water.

A dense amount of calcium and magnesium present in the water not only make the detergents in-effective, such also tend to make the fabric stiff and harsh after washing. Chemicals in the Water softeners make the duo of minerals in-effective. A highly reputed laundry in Adelaide will use these methods in a wise,effective and proportionate manner, thereby giving their customers a cause for admiration and a smile for the laundry services.

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