Every once in a while, you need to visit a hospital or a health service center, not mainly because you’re sick but also because you need to get yourself tested for the future. With changing the environment, you need to stay prepared for whatever’s coming your way. Now, We’ve listed down some of the best health services in Houston, TX. You can check them out!


The science behind Acupuncture originated in Traditional Chinese culture. It is the type of Pseudoscience. This process includes inserting thin needles in one’s body. Generally used for getting pain relief and other wide variety of treatments. Below are some of the best Acupuncture service providers in Houston, TX. Go check them out.

      1.Galleria Oriental Medicine and wellness center

2000 Bering Dr. Ste 270

Houston, TX 77057

Galleria Oriental Medicine and wellness center is one of the best leading clinics in Houston, TX. Generally known for Acupuncture, herbal medicine, alternative medicine, traditional chine medicine, or natural therapy. Treatments for a variety of health problems such as muscle pain, headache(migraine), Over fatness(obesity), skin disorders, etc. They also provide therapies for cancer-related issues. Their specialists such as Jianpeng Ma(Ph.D., LAc) and Qiaosha He(LAc) are very well renowned practicing acupuncturists and known everything about herbals. They’ve completed their graduation from ACAOM (American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine). Also, regarding Infertility and women’s health, they offer treatments. Go check them out in the address mentioned above.

2. Eastern Harmony Acupuncture and herbal clinic

Eastern Harmony Acupuncture and herbal clinic in Houston, TX is run by a specialized team that deals with basically women’s health issues and Acupuncture techniques to get you relieved from stress and pain caused by various diseases. Fertility, Pregnancy, Women’s health, Men’s health, and Internal medicine. Go check them out!


Chiropractors are doctors that deal with the treatment of neuromuscular disorders. They generally deal with the manual adjustment and manipulation of the spinal cord. They guide their patients on how to take good care of their body and hygiene. Chiropractic focuses on the intimate relationship that the spinal cord and the nervous system has.

We’ve summed up some of the best Chiropractors in Houston, TX. Go check them out!

  1. Hughes Chiropractic and wellness center

1501 N Amburn Rd Ste 2

Texas City, TX 77591

Hughes Chiropractic and wellness center solemnly aims to educate their patients about prevalent diseases and tells them how they can play a vital role in their own and others lives to keep them safe and sound from spine-related injuries. Every patient reacts differently; that’s why they have individual tailor maid actions to meet the patients physical needs and requirements. Their website is enriched with knowledge, and you can check them out at their address mentioned above. They are open from Monday to Saturday. From 8 am to 12 pm every day except Friday and Saturday. Also from 3 pm to 6 pm on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Go check them out!

  1. Vanguard spine and Sport

8800 Katy Fwy Ste 105

Houston, TX 77024

Vanguard Spine and Sport offers weight loss, Chiropractic care, Decompression therapy, Sports therapy & Rehab, Auto injury treatment-based services.  Their team has developed some protocols to maintain the patient’s full-body health. They have a very well designed website you can check them out.

There are other various amounts of best Health services in Houston, TX. You can check them out.


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