Living rooms are usually designed to immediately catch the eye of anybody who enters your house. Its location is planned near the entrance and a larger space is dedicated to let it accommodate more furniture and make it look bigger and more spacious.

Be it a small living room or a big one, the area should be designed to make it look elegant, homely as well as very comfortable. If you are looking for some ideas for your living room décor, then there are a few things that you can keep in mind that will help you make your living area very lively and attractive.


Space is an important factor to keep in mind as we always tend to overestimate the larger area of our house. We end up piling unnecessary furniture into our hallway and living room that the house ends up looking very cramped. The best way to avoid this from happening is to stick to bare minimum.  You can make a better impression with furniture for the living room that serve their purpose and make it look open and beautiful.


Another important factor to keep in mind while decorating your living room is to think about the furniture or accessories that may actually help you be more organised or just make the house look more cluttered. Buy furniture that has dual purposes or more. For example, buy a table that can be used both as a desk or dining table. Buy furniture with storage space such as desk with drawers etc. and buy a sofa that can also be used a bed. 


As this is the area that you will mostly spend your time in, make it positive and bright by having more colours to this area in the form of wall colour, cushions, paintings, sofas, photographs, among many other essentials. You can also choose to go bold or remain sophisticated. 


Never ever compromise on comfort as this room is the place where you constantly seek comfort from. Have essential items such as television, soft sofa sets, ottomans, bean bags, etc. for you to choose according to your mood and desire.


Another element that adds a chic look to your living area is the lighting. Install various kinds of lighting from dim, bright, colourful, disco, earthy, etc. to be used according to any event or mood. Most parties and festivals or events are hosted by you in the living room so plan accordingly.

So these are the few factors you could keep in mind while decorating your living room. You can also take help from living room designing firm in India for a better understanding. Always keep in mind that living room make up for a large part of your house and that helps you set the tone of the look you want for the rest of your house. It is like a basic foundation for your planning, so choose wisely.

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