Sun Wah Restaurant is currently closed for its annual holiday break and will resume business again on the 9th of November, 2018. However, you can reserve a table for your future booking and reservations pending the time the restaurant will resume for business after its annual break.  The   Award winning fusion menu at Sun Wah restaurant will once more be available to all and sundry once the restaurant resume again for business.

Down memory lane

Sun Wah Restaurant is run and owned by a family.  And yes, the restaurant had been here for several decades and has maintained unrelenting quality over these years; it actually started business in the 1960s. The restaurant is located at Mordialloc and this is where it had been since inception. In those days, their earliest set of customers would order chop-siu and bring their own pots and pans.  The company has evolved over the years. In the past five years, Sun Wah Restaurant has changed from providing traditional Cantonese cuisine and has now incorporated modern fusion techniques.  They have successfully created foods unique only to Sun Wah.

The company is managed by Albert & Rowena, a top-line Restauranteurs. He has a proven record of expertise in creating Asian cuisine.  He is also a passionate devotee  to Chinese and Western cooking.

They produce Award winning fusion menu at Sun Wah Restaurant using both western and eastern food preparation traditions.  The restaurant is well recognized for its Asian fusion dishes. Over the years, the company had been given several accolades and it is recently listed in the top 14 Chinese restaurants in Australia by the AGFG.

Why they stand out

The ingredients used at Sun Wah Restaurant are sourced naturally.  The ingredients are seasonable, fresh and of top quality production.  The menu is also created around sustainable, seasonal and local ingredients.  The restaurant supports local farmers and businesses by sourcing its ingredients locally.  As a result, the ingredients will not be in transit for long, which means it can maintain its freshness of hours on end.  Some of the farms patronized by the restaurant for its local, fresh, natural ingredients are:

  • Otway Farms & Oceania Seafood
  • Hopkins River Farm
  • And many more

Signature dishes

Some of the signature dishes at Sun Wah Restaurant are:

  • Twiced Cooked Lamb Ribs
  • Giner Pear Scallops
  • Poached Chili Soy Dumplings
  • Peking Duck Crepes
  • Char-sui BBQ Pork Bun Sliders
  • Mud Crab Soft Shell Brioche Roll
  • Blue Swimmer Crab Dumplings with Yarra valley Caivar
  • Pork Shui Mai
  • Prawn Money parcels
  • And so on

The dishes served here are affordable and will not put a hole in your pocket.  You can equally upgrade to Premium Selection for $10 per person. If you like, you can go for the 5 to 7 course menu option available to diners at the restaurant.  You can add optional wine that goes for $45 or $60 respectively. You will get top value for your money when you buy the Award winning fusion menu at Sun Wah Restaurant.


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