Think! You are on a pleasurable holiday, and then, suddenly, you meet an accident or fall sick unfortunately all of a sudden. The injury is severe and you don’t have enough amounts to pay the entire bill. Plus, you are in a country that is not your dwelling place. You don’t know anyone who can trust you and help you.

  • If you are a citizen of EU and become ill when staying in another EU country where you have gone on a temporary basis for work, study, business or tour, it makes no sense to wait till the time you return to your native zone. You have to get immediate treatment for regaining your health.
  • You need EU Health Card. It is known as EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) and it provides you the same right as the inhabitant of the country that you visited.
  • Your health issue should be medically justified as you deserve. The doctor is supposed to consider the staying duration and health care’s nature.
  • The medical condition involves pregnancy associated consultations with the physician and giving birth to the baby under unusual circumstances in another EU country.
  • Again, treatment for chronic diseases such as oxygen therapy, renal dialysis, asthma care, chemotherapy-related problems like carcinogenic ailments, echocardiography in persistent autoimmune diseases, etc. can be availed through EU Health Card in any European country.
  • It is to be noted that if an individual has to undergo medical care for work-related mishap or occupational illness and spend some amount from your own pocket, you will be reimbursed as per DA1 or E123 that is a formal certificate.
  • Some aspects to keep in mind:
  • In Switzerland or Spain, if you have to visit a dentist, you have to pay for the medical care. If you are in Cyprus, you have to pay for getting a prescription from a chemist. Additionally, in France, you have to pay the bills for availing treatment, even if you possess EU Health Card with you.
  • After returning to the residential country, you can ask for compensation. Around two-thirds of the total money will be repaid to you. Keep the receipts and invoices safely as you need to produce them for the reimbursement.

EU Health Card covers the following precisely without or negligible fees:

  • Medical treatment required due to illness and accident
  • Prenatal care, and emergency labour and delivery of child
  • Oxygen treatment
  • Routine kidney dialysis
  • Constantly recurring health issues

Not all treatments can be availed in low or zero costs. You have to pay partial or full fees if you wish to see a General Physician or a Dentist. Treatment in the private clinics is not free. Even, if you visit the particular country for intentional childbirth, you won’t be provided free treatment, nursing, and medicaments.

In case of renal dialysis and oxygen therapy, you must book in advance. Do it before you step out of your homeland. Also, make a reservation for the state-run medical care beforehand for avoiding any on-spot criticality. The private medical treatment is not aided by EU Health Card.

Don’t expect to get the same facility in every European country as the state-run healthcare system varies as per the distinct country’s norms. You may have to co-pay in some countries, while you can get free treatment in others. You may have to hand out in-patient fee, doctor visit fee, and other self-liability fees. It will be charged based on the local rates.

The transnational transport expenditure is not supported by EHIC. Your travel insurance is authorised to repay the personal outlays.

Hence, get your EU Health Card positively before you start travelling.

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