Goa welcome new couple to spend day with real fun and entrainment and it filled with the major attraction of sea views. There are number of the great and amazing beaches in part of the Goa for couple so they can well contribute to obtain the special appreciation from the various parts of world with presence of the all beaches and other attraction to spend time hours in fine manner. Goa becomes right option for the wedding couple to shoot the photo and also enjoy booking a suitable goa packages for couple to spend time.

Butter fly beach:

It is one of the unexploited beaches and also become buzzing spot in the Goa. It filled with tiny semicircular bay on the northern of palolem beach and also astounding features which can spot number of the butterflies fly over the hilltop blossom. It has the warm blue water which makes right location with presence of the palm tree and other butterflies. On the other hand, you can explore playful dolphins, gold fish and much more and it is one of the stunning chances to views the lovely time with couple. It has water sport such as boat riding, canoe riding and much more. Hence it become right option for them to enjoy night with full of fun.

Vagator Beach:

Vagator Beach becomes right option in Goa and it deliver the wholesome escapade such the sightseeing, new shopping experience and much more tranquillity. This beach acts as suitable westerners and permanent resident for the number of the people. Then it is right place to enchant all age people and it act as the best destination to appreciate the company of sun, sand and sea so the couple can hunt a natural and spends time with real fun and relaxes forever.

 Kerala filled with the number of the adventures tourist place so couple can plan such location to enjoy fun forever. The Kerala is situated on the tropical southern western part of India and it is famous for its architecture, spa and much more additional fun for the traveller.

 Thing to do in Kerala:

 Munnar Hill station:

 It is one of the spectacular hills and it can redefine the real nature so it becomes one of the best places of the couple. It filled with the number of the picturesque, landscape and much more explore in this hill station. Hence you can place holiday with the family and other beautiful district promises to enjoy charm.

 Kumarakom house boat ride:

 It is one of the alluring gem in the Kerala and it is one of the destination which delivers the bliss of backwaters. In this place, you can have house boat rides which can visit form the all part of the world and it provide incredible experience to have form cherished memories of hiring this packages. Therefore, it become one of the luxurious Kerala honeymoon packages for the new couple to spend day with sweet memories for every. Even you can visit more number of the place to plan and visit during the trip to Kerala.

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