The narrowing of the coronary artery paves way for coronary heart disease. This is a large blood vessel that is known to supply blood to our heart. The main reason for this narrowing is accumulation of fatty acids in our arteries. Worldwide it is one of the prime reasons for a heart attack.  Heart medication pregnancy is important as women need to be safeguarding it for their better health along with that of the baby. In fact the risk associated with coronary heart disease increases all the more so when you are in the age bracket of 35 years and it is at an alarming level till you touch 50.

The lifestyle along with social changes has a huge role in a woman become victim of coronary heart diseases. The age of giving birth has increased a lot in the last few years. Many factors contribute in this regard and it has got to do with better fertility measures along with better health care facilities. It also means that career along with financial pressures mean that women are delaying their first child. Out of this lifestyle changes are the main reason for coronary heart disease.

In this regard the alarming levels of obesity are a precise point in this regard and more and more women are falling victims to it. It is estimate to be one of the starting points and as per the current statistics, the number of women who smoke is much higher than younger men who do engage in this unhealthy habit. With working styles depicting a situation where desk jobs are more common, this has led to more and more problems.

Do women with a coronary heart disease risk with pregnancy?

This is a very confusing question and the answer to it is all the more tricky.  Yes heart medication and pregnancy have a strong consensus together. But you would need to understand the fact that in recent times only it has reached an alarming level. One of the greatest risks posed to a mother who is a victim of coronary heart disease is a heart attack during labor. Coupled with other conditions like diabetes or hypertension this is going to add to the problem as well. It is very well possible that the medications which you are taking for heart condition is not suitable for pregnancy at all. If you stop them the chances of heart attack is going to increase.

Let us face the fact that pregnancy is itself going to increase symptoms associated with coronary heart disease. This is referred to as acute coronary syndrome and is 3 times more common in pregnant women rather than their counterparts. In countries like UK the rate is expected to be lower, but exact research has not been conducted till now.

If you choose to have a baby when you have a coronary heart condition is not an easy decision. It is suggested that you consult with your doctor and be aware of the pros and cons of the same.

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