While everyone is becoming smart these days with smartphones in their hand, so are their lives. Today, due to the advancements in the realm of technology, everything is at our fingertips. Along with our homes, our workspaces have become smart too. In a workspace, there are many employees, so there is no other option but to make it smarter than what it earlier was. This is how the concept of smart storage has come up. This incorporates all kinds of locks that helps in smart working. Employees find it easy to work in an environment governed by smart structures, with the smart lock being one of them.

Smart storage uses a panel that controls everything and whenever an employee scans their identity or access cards against the scan reader, the panel understands who the employee is and then there is an automatic allocation of a locker to him. Now, the number of the locker that has been allocated can be seen on the panel that recognises biometrics and then the employee moves towards the same locker, and then he is set to work for the day. The storage facilitates the employee to gain access to lockers with the help of the lock by a simple scan of the identity or access cards on the panel that flashes an LED light.

Not only this, because everyone has an android or an apple phone these days, these locks can be accessed through phone apps too where the employee can register and eventually connect his phone through cloud services and choose a locker that is not in use. All that one would need to do is to log in to the app to open the locker and then when he is done, shut it. If your locker is not in use, you could again use the app for someone else to use it. The app linked to your personal details also sends push notifications lest you forget to free the locker in question.

In today’s day and age, smart storage is gaining popularity in workspaces because of how easily one can access one’s locker. Ease and convenience here matter the most. And with smart offices all around, this is a must. So, if you own a workspace that is smart, it is time you make it smarter by using smart storage. Your employees will be able to get lockers for themselves without anyone else’s supervision. Just get in touch with professionals with a quote and details about your workplace.

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