Most women do think on the lines of body changes during pregnancy and a pregnant belly button pop out tops the list. Now you might be thinking on why it changes and this is the thought that might come to your mind. Yes during pregnancy the belly button does take into fact undergo some changes. Protruding navel or a belly button pop out tops the list. This is termed as an outie.

What is the main reason for a popped out belly button during pregnancy?

The umbilicus or navel is the scar that is left behind after cutting of the umbilical cord during pregnancy. It has to be stated that the shape of a navel tends to vary from one person to another. As it is known a navel can be an innie or an outie. The later can go on to turn out to be convex during the course of pregnancy.

It has been observed that the increasing belly button goes on to put considerable pressure and pushes the navel skin outwards. It would lead to a popped out belly button and trust me it is not going to happen to all the pregnant women. A popped up belly button does take place in the second trimester of pregnancy as the belly starts to grow ever faster than before.

Is there any cause of worry about a popped out belly button?

It has to be stated that a popped out belly button could be considered a routine occurrence during pregnancy. Once your belly goes on to expand there is immense pressure that is put on this area. But a protruding navel could also point to umbilical hernia. If a bulge or a pain is being felt in the naval region it could indicate hernia. This tends to be all the more common in babies but it could also emerge in pregnant women as well. Umbilical hernia could happen in a baby at the same time.

This is considered to be a small hole in the abdominal wall. This condition is going to fade away on its own, where the tissue is going to heal and the hole closes automatically. But in case of pregnant women the condition could last all the more due to constant pressure as well.

What is to be done if you are detected with umbilical hernia?

The best course of action would be to let it heal itself as if you attempt any sort of procedures during the course of pregnancy it could work out to be a lot risky. But if it paves way for serious issues like incarneated hernia or bowel takes over the hernia, then any form of medications is not going to work. Surgical option would be the only course of action.

It has to be stated that such form of complications are pretty much on the rarer side during pregnancy. But if you find a tinge of tenderness in the navel region, it is better to seek medical help.


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