Are you planning to shift to China in the next year? Have you got selected as an ESL teacher in a Chinese school? Are you worried the fact that how can adjust to the new culture and tradition? Are you little bit of tensed in this situation? If all these are troubling your mind, this is the right time to sit calmly and make a list of what you can do in the new country as soon as you arrive there. You should follow some of the tips that can make your stay fascinating and enjoyable. Whether you an experienced teacher or has no prior teaching experience, the below tips will help you to cope up with the new culture and tradition.

  1. Get TEFL Certified

It is quite mandatory to have a TEFL certificate when you are working as an English Teacher in China. To work legally at Chinese schools, you must be TEFL certified. This certification will help you to get the work visa there. Apart from the TEFL certificate, you must have the diploma from a reputed university of your nation. Though nowadays, most of the teaching institutes in China do not want the TEFL certificate or any prior experience, but if you have this certificate with you when you are entering the new nation, you will get better opportunities. Most of the teachers these days are looking for English teaching jobs in China no degree as well.

  1. If You An Experienced Teacher, Opt For The Private Schools

If you have a little bit of experience as a teacher, you must apply for the teaching positions at private and international schools. These educational institutes have much more facilities and provide higher salary packages than the public schools.

  1. You Can Survive Without Learning Chinese

If you are thinking how to cope up with the new culture without knowing the new language, I must say you can. Yes, if you do not know Mandarin, you can survive for the first few weeks there. There are various Chinese academies where you can start to learn Chinese or Mandarin in between your teaching hours. This will help you to cope up with the new culture. It is not necessary to learn Chinese or Mandarin totally, but you can learn some of the important terms.

  1. Smaller Cities Offer Much More Experience

Almost all the teachers do find it lucrative to teach at the first tier cities like Beijing, Shenzhen, and Shanghai, but do you consider teaching at the second tier cities? Yes! Teaching at the second tier cities like that of Chengdu and Nanjing will provide you much better opportunity to know the culture and the students will also accept gladly. The pay scale at the schools located in the second tier cities is higher and there is less competition too in those cities.

When you are looking for English teaching jobs in China no degree, you must take help from a recruiter or a job consultant who will help you to choose the best teaching position in China.


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