It is a puzzle to imagine that we call female’s delicate, sensitive and lady-like, yet the majority of them goes through some or the other form of violence which leads to domestic violence, rape, sexual harassment, emotional and verbal abuse, sexual assault. Three to four times more likely are women to be sexually abused as a child than a man.35% of women worldwide have experienced sexual violence with a partner or non-partner. It would be a small word to call it all hardships, but they are stepping stones for all the women who have overcome that with dedication and motivation. There are some problems that were created by our surroundings and inflicted upon us and then there are some troubles that were caused by our own selves that are depression, anxiety, self-loathing, inferiority, PTSD, and so much more mental problems that we wallow in till eternity to come.

Through all the blocks and hurdles that probably stop some women to ever reach their full potential, there are some who regardless of their damaging upbringing, flung out of all haphazard proportions and instead of being a broken soul, they became a strong and independent woman.

To help you conquer your hurdles, here are some examples of strong women

1. Ashley Judd

An actress and activist, completed a major in French and minor in Art history, Theater, Anthropology and women’s studies. Also graduated from UK’s Honor’s program. Judd actually changed 13 schools before getting into college. Daughter of Naomi Judd, who is a country singer and motivational speaker. However, her mother was unemployed at the time of Ashley’s birth. Throughout childhood, Ashley had left neglected. Her mother had many lovers who Ashley would end up sexually harassing her and Ashley would be fighting with constantly, once even holding a gun to a lover’s head. The numerous lovers being strangers with one even being a heroin addict and had a criminal record. It’s a wonder how Ashley Judd went through all that and came out as a beautiful person.

2. Maz Schirmer

A very successful entrepreneur and author. Has won three global awards. Founder of the Institute of Women International, and designed a tool called “Creatix” that causes you to unclog and unblock all the negative things that you’ve learned throughout your life. They took shifts your whole belief system, yes, something like that exists. However, Schirmer has a successful life now but it was not always like that for her. Domestic violence had always been in the family for generations, she was sexually abused as a child, raped when she turned 18. Even though she did not want the same for her daughters, they too got caught in the cycle of sexual abuse. Terribly wanting to stop the pattern, she decided to turn her life around and then realized the power she has over her life. The dreadful pattern did break but let her to obvious mental problems. She decided to get through that struggle for a better life, it’s just a moment that can change everything, do catch that moment.

3. Oprah Winfrey

This is not about just promoting Oprah for no reason, she is a force to be reckoned with and everyone should know her story if they haven’t already! As we know already, Oprah has spread out in the industry and beyond it. From being the first lady of talk show host, producer, philanthropist to being a Chairwoman and CEO of Harpo Productions and The Oprah Winfrey Network. The amazing accomplishments have a difficult back story.

Born on an isolated farm to poverty-struck teenage parents who separated after her birth. Sent to her mother and two half-brothers at a tender age of 6. Moved a couple of times before settling with her mother. Oprah was raped at the age of 9 by a family member who was babysitting her. After that, she went through further sexual abuse by relatives and family members. Oprah got pregnant before turning 14 and delivered a 2 months premature little boy who died after 2 weeks. This obviously would leave a person messed up and to cope a person just like Oprah turns to unhealthy means like drugs, alcohol, sex in her early teens. Oprah decided to turn her life around at the age of 16 and started to focus more school by getting good grades and being interested in journalism.

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