Over the last few years, telemarking has re-emerged as an efficient marketing solution. All across the world, telemarketing companies are helping businesses identify a larger prospective customer base that can be converted into business. Thus, these companies are making sales process more effective and helping businesses build rapport.

There are telemarketing companies UK that provide services like, but not restricted to, lead generation, appointment scheduling, and surveys and market research. Since the advent of outsourcing, these services have, time and again, proven as a useful tool especially for small and medium sized enterprises (SME). These services not only help businesses save time, resources and efforts, but also help them with better leads and improved customer experience.

Below are some of the benefits that make telemarketing a viable marketing solution for SMEs:

Cost-effective marketing: If you will happen to compute the cost associated with acquiring leads, nurturing them and finally, converting them into business, you will derive at a number which is almost one-fifth of the cost that you incur while employing door-to-door sales executives. In comparison to direct e-mail, the cost of availing services offered by telemarketing companies is a little steep, but the qualified leads that they are able to generate and in turn provide greater returns make these companies a cost efficient choice. Availing these services liberates you from the burden of hiring call centre executives to care of outbound sales related calls. It also lifts the pressure from your staff and enables them to focus on closing as many leads as possible.

Easy follow-ups: Services offered by telemarketing companies UK are helping organisations expand in terms of geographic locations. With the help of these services, organisations are following up with prospective customers who are based out in different geographical regions. This allows you, as an organisation to establish contacts with b2b clients and asking telemarketers to follow-up with identified clients. Once they persuade the client, it is the time to set a meeting with sales executive, who will turn this qualified lead into business by offering the lead some lucrative offers.

Customer oriented: In this competitive world, it is imperative for an organisation focuses on the needs and expectations of its customers in order to be successful. Telemarketing companies UK employs telemarketing professionals who undergo training to learn about the product and services that they are offering. Also, they are given training on how to efficiently take care of difficult customers. All these trainings are giving to ensure that every caller has an enriching experience and they leave as a happy person, even if they have not procured the products and services that were there on offer.

Optimal utilization of pre-existing database: The main aim of b2b telemarketing services that telemarketing companies UK has to offer is to generate qualified leads and help a business get new customers. For this, telemarketing agents gather information from what is already available in the company’s databases. This process helps a company cut down the selling cost and helps them focus and control the marginal accounts.

Access to state-of-art infrastructure: It goes without saying that technology evolves on a daily basis. In this changing environment, the needs and expectations of customers also keep on changing. Over the period of time, customers have driving seat and have come into a commanding position. Organisations follow customers’ direction. They are being governed by customers’ needs and expectations. In order to meet customers’ expectations, companies need access to all the latest technology and infrastructure that is available in market. Because acquiring the latest technology and infrastructure is a costly affair, companies are availing the services offered by telemarketing service providers to reduce the cost associated with acquiring technology and setting up infrastructure.

Considering the aforementioned benefits offered by telemarketing service providers, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that availing these services as can help an SME improve its business and customers experience.


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