The wedding season is here to excite us all. Some of us are getting excited because it is our best friend’s wedding, and some because there is a wedding in the family. But have you ever thought about the bride and the groom? This is the time when they both are filled with anxiety and this whole phase is very overwhelming for both of them.

Well at least the bride’s anxiety is acknowledged. He friends and family help in the wedding preparations. Her best friends come out with wedding shopping tips in Hindi or English months before the shopping can actually begin. The parents treat their daughters like a princess.

But, this time is very crucial for the groom as well. He has to take responsibility of a whole new person from here on. He cannot be careless and carefree because his bachelor days are coming to an end. He has to now act like the grown up he really is. You may not believe, but yes there are men who actually worry whether or not will they be able to make their wives comfortable.

A month before the wedding becomes very stressful for both the groom and the bride sides. Their families get busy with all the function preparations. For the Hindus it is a long month because of the number of ceremonies they have. There are a number of relatives and friends who stay and with everybody the whole house becomes a mad house.

So, in today’s article I am going to help you reduce your stress and organise the wedding way ahead so that everybody can enjoy the wedding tension free.

  1. Make a plan- the first thing is you need a schedule. You can make a list of the things that are to be done and fix the dates for it. Once you are done with your list of responsibilities, the whole picture will get clear and you will feel less burdened.
  2. Delegate the work- now be it the groom’s side or the bride’s no one can do all these jobs all on their own. This is the main reason why people like hiring event managers so that they can be relieved from the stress. But if you are not in favour of event managers, then it is all on you and your family. Distribute the responsibilities and you will realise it is not all that difficult after all.
  3. Delete unnecessary plans- we all have our ideas for an ideal wedding. Some of these plans have been planned out since you were a little girl probably. But sometimes it becomes difficult to accommodate these plans. At the time of shortage in time eliminate these unnecessary plans and ease out the things for yourself and your family.

Apart from these, look for useful tips for wedding shopping in Hindi or English and keep in touch with your better half to coordinate the shopping plans. I hope these plans help you out and keep you relaxed through the entire time.

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