Lucky are the guys that are blessed with good physique free from any type of challenges. Few people in this world suffer from certain physical complications that compel them to depend upon others as regards their daily tasks or free movements. Many of them prefer buying wheelchair accessible vehicles that enable them to enjoy independence as regards moving around. WAVs are the right solution for the sufferers. Manufacturers make different types of WAVs in accordance with the specific needs of the guys.

Types – Following are the usual types of WAVs that must be chosen as per your specific needs:

  • Side Entry WAVs – This special wheelchair accessible helps in making 360-degree manoeuvrability. Equipped with a lowered floor and extra room this WAV is helpful for driving the vehicle. The other big benefit of this WAV is the interchangeable seating arrangement. Sufficient interior space, feasible driving capabilities and ease of side entry points are much helpful.
  • Rear Entry WAVs – Such WAVs do not require any extra space for deployment of a ramp. They are more convenient as regards narrow spaces like the garages. These vehicles contain a channel that is fixed in the middle of the floor. It is free from any obstacles.
  • WAVs with fold-out ramps – As the name suggests, these WAVs are equipped with fold-out ramps that facilitate comfort. Durability, maximum strength and other unique features of these WAVs make them the preferred choice of millions of people across the globe. Ease of navigation, attractive design and the ramp sitting on the floor are the unmatched benefits of these WAVs.
  • WAVs with in-floor ramps – These WAVs come with ramps that are stowed underneath the floors. More interior space for 360-degree manoeuvrability is the exclusive feature of such WAVs. Doorway free from any obstacle, lowered floor angles, cleaner interior, extra cargo space and comfortable ride are the unmatched benefits of these WAVs.
  • WAVs with manual and power ramps – WAV manufacturers make available these two types of vehicles that are also quite popular amongst the guys that find them more convenient.

So you are well aware of the advantageous features of WAVs, be wise to purchase the one that suits you the most. Candidly, the wheelchair accessible vehicles are a big boon for the needy persons that are comforted in making easy movements without seeking assistance from others. Do consult some experienced guy and make a wide hunt before buying these vehicles.


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