You might have looked carefully for Storage Units Hayward, hired the best, and dumped all your excess items to clear the clutter off your home. But what will you do when you need anything from your storage unit urgently? Do have the time to start digging through those boxes? Even if you do you may have to deal with the stack of boxes tipping over and your belongings strewn out of your storage unit? That does sound a lot frustrating. But there is an answer to this issue. You have to organize your self-storage unit for free access.

Planning ahead can help you organize your storage unit for easy and hassle-free access of your belongings whenever you need them. Here are a few tips that can help:

Use same-sized boxes as far as possible

Using one sized boxes, whether small or medium, will help in stacking and accessibility. Although large boxes seem convenient to dump your things they can be very difficult to remove.

Sort your items based on your need

Before packing your stuff into boxes, you will have to categorize them based on how frequently you may need to access them. For instance, you can put all your winter clothing in one box and keep it in an easily accessible place. Same thing goes with trip supplies or your holiday items. Make sure you make space for your hobby supplies and tools. Office documents if any need to be stored neatly too.

Label each and every box that you pack

Every box that you pack needs to have a label on the top and also the sides. Make sure every box has a unique number, the corresponding room, and a list of contents.

Have a master list ready

Apart from the lists on the labels you will need a master list that details all the contents of each and every box, along with the corresponding box number. This step might seem cumbersome; but it can save you a lot of hassles. Even if some of the boxes aren’t in your view, this master list will make it easy for you to find your items.

Organize the layout of your storage unit

At some point of time you may want to access all the items that you have stored in your self-storage unit. The best way to do this would be to plan a layout that makes it easy for you to access each and every box. You can put them against the walls, leaving a path in the middle for hassle-free access. You can keep the most moveable items in the space that you have left in the middle so that they can be removed easily.

It might be possible to pack every square inch of the self-storage unit like a Tetris master; but this will make retrieval almost impossible. If you have too many things to store, it is always better to upgrade to a larger unit that will give you space to organize and access your items easily.

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