Lead generation services are of paramount importance for generating leads. But does the work ends there itself? No. In order to call your company a great lead generation services company, you need to not just create leads but nurture them as well. A lot of money goes in generating and finding the best lead, not nurturing them would make all the efforts and money go in vain. Nurturing the leads turns them into qualified leads and make them closer to the end of the sales funnel. After the leads are being nurtured they are more likely to convert into customers.

To ensure the same it is not necessary to do telemarketing every time. There are tools to automate the process of marketing. A robust marketing automation tool can help you in driving the sales by helping you in converting more leads.

So, read the tips mentioned below to rise above your peers in the eyes of the potential and existing customers.

Use lead scoring to qualify

The lead scoring option is provided by many MA solutions. In this, points are given to each lead for every action or response. A particular score limit is set which when passed by the customer makes them eligible to be passed on to the sales team. The score is based on opening and clicking an email, visiting web pages, completing some sort of forms, attending webinars or filling details to get guides, and requesting demos.

It is important to keep reevaluating the scoring mechanism with the sales team to understand when exactly the leads are qualified and when are they underqualified or overqualified.

Make data-driven decisions

It is essential for positive lead generation services companies to know which tactics are working in its favor and which ones aren’t. If there are several tactics that are working better in qualifying the leads, then start using them more. Also, you should always try to come up with new ways to nurture leads. Moreover, you should take decisions according to the data and results.

Hit multiple channels

It is not enough to simply post your message out there. It needs to be creative and be there where your leads are. This means that the leads will not magically come to the platform where you have posted. It means that you have to reach where your leads could possibly be. Reach them via emails, social media platforms, text messages and etc. Automating marketing helps in this context.

Set an acceptable pace

Mostly the lead nurturing efforts turn out to be fruitful when personal attention is given to each lead. For instance, sending an email by addressing them is very helpful in grabbing the attention of the lead and making him more interested. However, some companies overdo it and this leaves the lead irritated which makes it even more difficult for the company to nurture that lead as he loses interest and might even unsubscribe to your email or mark as spam. So, don’t send emails every other day, stick to a pace that is acceptable to the lead.

Alignment between marketing and sales

It is quintessential for the company to have coordination between sales and marketing team. Otherwise, there would be no benefit of generating and nurturing leads. So, to ensure a seamless integration you should read the lead scores and once a lead hits the qualification score, his details should be sent to the sales team. The sales agent should have access to CRM and the lead history. For instance, he should know how the lead has been nurtured and how the lead has hit that score. (i.e. the steps that the lead has taken to show interest.) All this information can then be used by the sales rep to make him a customer.

The takeaway

The aforementioned tips are just five of the many tips that can help you in nurturing leads. We can discuss the rest in some other blog post for sure. However, if you will follow the ones mentioned here, they will also help you a lot in nurturing leads. Remember different leads will react differently to your tactics. Just like all five fingers are not the same, every lead can also not be the same. You just have to find out what works for your leads and you will surely be able to give qualified leads with a high chance of turning into a customer.

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