Toyota has always been famous for manufacturing all-round SUVs that give unparalleled performance, power, and efficiency. Toyota cars have always been known for their build quality and the maintenance and service that the company provides. It is because of these that the company has attained a reputation and a brand name for itself throughout the years, not just in India, but all across the globe. Toyota’s most popular car, Innova has been in the turf for many years and now the wait is almost over for the all-new Toyota Rush by the company.


The engine of the new Toyota Rush happens to be a 1.5 L engine. This car comes in petrol and the diesel fuel variant as well. The car comes in manual as well as, automatic gear transmission. The car comes in a 5-speed manual transmission and 4-speed automated manual transmission.


The design of this car is what makes this one of the most awaited and desired SUVs that are to be launched in the near future.


The exterior of this car looks pretty much like the compact version of the new Innova Crysta. The front of this car has a wide and a chiseled grille featuring a striped pattern and having the logo of the company right in the middle of the grille. The headlamps are all LEDs that go well with the front of the car. The side of this car is quite long and resembles a typical SUV. The wheels of the car are 5-design alloy wheels, with high strength and lesser weight. The car has an increased height and the back has a very angular look to suit the entire look of the car.

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The interior of the car gives the car a premium finish along with the comfort of an SUV. The cabin of the car is quite spacious and features ample head, shoulder, and legroom in all the three seating compartments. The interior of the entire car comes in a jet-black shade and has leather finish in most of the place. The plastic that is used under the leather finish in many places of the interior is of very good quality.


The performance of this car is said to be one of the most appealing aspects amongst all the rest. The car has a decent heavy engine, gives out a power of 67 PS and torque of 170 NM. The car has both the engine variants and has a good fuel economy. The petrol engine gives a fuel efficiency of 14 to 17 km/l and the diesel engine gives an efficiency that ranges from 18 to 20 km/l.


The car possesses all the basic features of a standard SUV but considering the name of the Toyota, the company provides many features that are considered the best in class. The car has features like automatic climate control, airbags, ABS, smart infotainment system, parking sensors, and engine immobilizer amongst the many others that it has to offer.


Toyota Rush price varies with the model and ranges from 16 to 24 lac INR.

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