There are many who are found to suffer from infertility and would like to treat it immediately. These days, one of the major reasons for infertility faced by women is PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

What is PCOS?

It is one of the common reasons that make women to suffer from infertility issues. Different impacts may take place on the women’s body that is related with this particular condition, with some being clearly evident. Although easily diagnosable, this form of health issue can be tough to be treated and cured. Some portion of PCOS indication might develop right from the adolescence stage and its symptoms if found will require immediate examination and treatment.

To some extent, barrenness and PCOS are predictable. The female suffering due to this issue is likely to develop clear symptoms which might crop up some time prior the woman desiring to give birth to a child. According to the industry experts, it is also related with testosterone level increase in blood.


Females might experience unreasonable development of body hair. Besides this, the symptom faced can be mentally troubling. It is at this time, the person should contemplate visiting the best infertility hospital in India that boasts of having the top physicians who are specialists in this domain. Some dangers are also associated with this particular issue, which might have significant harsh effects than just symptoms and barrenness, something that is not to be overlooked.

As a matter of fact, barrenness and PCOS are identified with abnormality of menstrual cycles in the affected female. Some females are prone to unpredictable menstrual cycles, while few might not experience any menstrual cycle. Irrespective of the situation, this ailment does require immediate treatment. Although the condition is not deemed to be dangerous immediately, but complete absence or irregularity of the menstrual cycle is found to be a common concern and hence, does require visiting the top specialists in the domain. Females who have been trying to get pregnant are sure to find this issue only to be developing with time. Hence, with quick treatment the pregnancy odds are increased effectively.

Those facing PCOS issues will find their eggs not properly developing and there also can be disfigurements found in the ovaries. Subsequently, relation is developed among barrenness and PCOS issues. To avail effective PCOS treatment, the best gynecologist is to be visited for quick and effective treatment.

Small cysts develop within the ovaries and named as antral follicles. It is by performing various types of scans that it is noticeable. Generally ultrasound tests are performed to identify these cysts. It is a technique through which women can identify if they have been affected with PCOS syndrome or not. In size the cysts are 2mm & 10mm in size. For most of the part, the ovaries do have some cysts that are joined with them. Women of the child bearing age, ranging around 8% – 10% are influenced with PCOS. The qualified and experienced physician will provide more information about this syndrome.

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