Those engaged in the printing field know the significance of DigiFold Pro that is able to fold the printed heavyweight or cross-grained stock of paper in perfect manner. Presented by Morgana, this unique device is a stand-alone machine that folds and creases the paper simultaneously. In the market since the year 2001; Morgana DigiFold Pro has banged the market with a strong hit. 

Unique characteristics – Morgana has made it possible that the new model of DigiFold Pro is able to increase its productivity by twenty percent and the same is going to crease and fold about six thousand sheets per hour. The users of this latest version of the machine would be fully satisfied and enjoy its perfect functionality.

The flying knife technology since incorporated by Morgana in its DigiFold Pro has been able to save the concerned persons from the problem of scuffing and marking on digital stocks that they were facing because of folding with the traditional methods. The operators are at a big advantage as this machine can be used as a standalone creaser when they are not engaged in folding and/or as a perforator when they are not engaged in folding and creasing. Thus ease of operation with the touchscreen control panel is the unique feature that is quite fast and convenient. Most of the digital printing professionals prefer using this unique machine that offers improved functionality with an incorporation of the new SmartScreen panel. State of the art technology since used in making the machine is appreciated by all concerned. The extraordinary features of DigiFold Pro include Alphanumeric memory; Posi Feed feed system, high versatility, SmartScreen touch screen operation, 6,000 sph with 0.015″ (approx. 150 lb cover). Crease and fold without cracking are the unequalled characteristics of this wonderful machine that has become the preferred choice of millions of printing professionals.

The users of this unique machine are fully satisfied with the new additions like high-capacity vacuum top-feeders that make the task quite simple and easy. Heavy-duty high page-count booklet makers are the helpful features that have been incorporated by the company as regards this new device for folding purposes. High-capacity vacuum top-feeders of this new machine make it so popular across the globe. Rapid and easy setup of jobs including air and vacuum settings are accomplished with great convenience after entering the size and thickness of the requisite stock. Creasing up to 400 gsn can be easily done without involving any cracking of the sheets or the toner since done on them.

Production of booklets of about two hundred pages with this machine is the unique advantage that is quite beneficial for the operator. Incorporation of the new full-coloured touchscreen interface is able to instruct the operator as regards all the machine functions. Availability of a lead edge trimmer is the sole option in terms of the highly versatile booklet making solution.

Easily available at genuine pricing, Morgana DigiFold Pro is in great demand and has become so popular amongst millions of satisfied users across the globe.

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