Luxury SUVs (sport utility vehicles) refers to the types of vehicles that are built on a light-truck chassis that is separated from the body, versus their consumer vehicles where the chassis and the body are attached (unibody), like what crossovers and sedans are made of. There’s a good reason why many people love SUVs in general which will be further discussed below.

As what it’s called, there’s a certain flair to hearing luxury in an SUV. Expect that it’s going to be big, beautiful, stylish, has premium materials, has a ton of quirks and features, has a powerful engine and expect that the price will also be hefty. Although it’s luxury its not for everybody, for the right people, its the vehicle that they are dreaming about in their dreams.

There’s a good reason why people love SUVs: There’s a good reason why many people love SUVs and that is because of the reliability of the vehicle. It’s powerful, you can put almost everything in it including the kitchen sink (no kidding!) while still get enough room for comfort. It’s not a tank but if you’re going to choose an SUV versus a sedan for the zombie apocalypse, SUV all day baby! But why do many people love SUVs anyway? Despite its size that it’s still getting a ton of love, and has been one of the most competitive markets there is. Why? Because:

  • SUVs are big thus the passenger capacity and storage capacity is ample
  • The height clearance is big which makes it a perfect vehicle even on hip level floods
  • It has big wheels and a versatile chassis that is perfect for off roads
  • It has a big and powerful engine that can muscle through everything

Why pay extra for luxury: So the question is, why pay luxury SUV rentals? The main reason would-be class. Luxury SUVs are a looker and although it’s not some other people’s cup of tea, they will still look nonetheless. As mentioned above, the extra isn’t just for looks, its also about the performance and reliability that only a luxury SUV can provide.

Is it really worth it? Given its price point, luxury SUV rentals can make it cheaper for you. With the performance, the looks and the reliability that even in storms it can still bring you home in one piece and can welcome any terrain and weather conditions, its already a steal! No matter what your endeavors are, whether its the outdoors with the family or going into a formal event with the family, the luxury SUV can fit the part and looks the part as well.

You might think that it can be hard to justify getting a luxury as a car rental, but when you think about it, it’s actually not. Why? This is because if you can afford it, you get the best things that an SUV can ever offer. Aside from the usual features, it also has a premium face that anyone will love, has premium materials, all the best features and a more powerful engine to complete the overall look. But of course, you also have to consider your needs on whether you really need one, because there are other car models that you can choose from.

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