Referees are the most important players in every sport or game. The name is different in some games but the main purpose of the referees in every game is the same which is to keep the game flow as smooth as possible. This means that the referee’s job is to monitor every move in the game, to see if there is any foul committed. To mark the injury and to also keep track of the time.

It is a very tough job and the referees have to be focused at all the time during the match because any issue can ruin the game and can be made favorable to the other team. The game must be balanced at all the time, no type of cheating should be done which can ruin the charisma of the game that is why the referees are considered as the most important players of the soccer match.

In the soccer match there is one main referee who is in the match ground along with the 22 players including both teams. Two referees which are considered as the secondary referees whose job is to check the sideline and the position of the offside. Both these referees are at all the time are in full contact with the main referee. If anything is is somehow passed by the main referee or has been ignored, then the secondary referees can notify the main referee about the issue which then he can call it. The fourth referee is outside of the ground and also monitoring the whole match, any type of major issue can be discussed by the main referee. To prove the added time or the injury time the fourth referee is there to announce it.

In major tournaments of the soccer match like World Cup or The Champions League, due to advanced tech there is a system being made which also acts as the referee. If there is any mishap or any foul committed, and the main referee somehow missed it then the players can call upon the tech referee system to review that act. The act is also reviewed by the main referee, the main referee will playback the match in a screen and will look examine carefully the incident with every angle so that there is chance of any mishap or cheating. By carefully examining the incident the main referee can change his or her previous decision or can stick to the previous decision. It all depends on the perspective of the main referee. This is why there is proper training done on the referees so that they are experience enough to control the matches and prevent any type of cheating being done in any type of matches whether it is a friendly match, or it is a match of a major tournament.

According to the referees are considered as the most important players of the sport as they have full control over the match and their main goal is to be unbiased and keep the match balanced at all time. If the referee is not trained enough or experienced enough then the referee can be made under influence of the players and even sometime of the roaring audience. Referees have to experienced and trained enough to handle any type of thing or issue during the match.

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