Nausea or morning sickness is one of the problems have an impact on pregnant women.  Close to 80 % of women are victims of the same. Though you can refer to these symptoms or signs as something associated with morning sickness but it is a lot misleading. The reason for it is that nausea or any form of vomiting can occur at any time of the day.

The signs tend to start in the first few weeks and reduce once you touch upon 12 to 13 weeks. Morning sickness tends to be more severe in the event of it being your first pregnancy or you have more than one baby in your stomach. In fact the exact case of morning sickness is not that understood, but the stomach muscles have a role to play.

You might have heard about Zofran while pregnant 2016 as it is one of the common drugs used at this juncture. It is one of the effective drugs against nausea and vomiting. But there are some side effects associated with the same and it could be constipation, or fever. But the general suggestion is that as far as possible try to rely on natural methods to cure morning sickness.

On waking up from bed empty stomach needs to be avoided. Try eating a small toast before you venture out. The process of getting out of bed should be in a slow manner and that would mean the process of digestion to start. Your meals should be split into small ones and increase the intake of fluids during the day. In addition to this try to avoid foods that cause nausea.

Dose of Zofran

The dose of Zofran is dependent upon the type of condition that you are encountering. Normally Zofran pregnancy FDA tablets are available in 4 and 8 milligrams. To make it a point that you do stop nausea then takes a tablet 30 minutes before a session of chemotherapy, or one hour before radiation. Additional doses are needed at least 3 times during the course of treatment. In fact the chances of overdose of the tablet are also on the high. The situation tends to occur if you take 10 times of the normal dose. Some of the symptoms associated with the same are constipation or irregular heartbeats.

The pattern of dosage should be determined as per the directions of your doctor. When you are consuming it, do make it a point that you open the package in a proper manner. The pill should not be pushed through the foil.  Ensure that your hands are dry and do put the tablet on your tongue immediately. In case if you go on to miss a dose of the tablet, then take the missed dose as soon as it strikes you. If you feel that it is time for the next dose, then do skip the present dose. At no point opt for a double dose to compensate for the one that is missed.

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